Behind The Label

Discover Esmée The Label, where timeless elegance meets comfort and quality, inspired by Elisabeth's passion for simplicity in Bali. Explore our universe where each creation celebrates natural beauty and feminine well-being.

The Founder

Elisabeth, the founder, decided to settle in Bali some time ago, in search of a radical change.

There, she was captivated by a captivating atmosphere and a simplicity of life that touched her deeply. She quickly realized that her luggage was unnecessary, because in Bali, life is guided by simplicity and comfort.

Despite the wealth of local crafts, she couldn't find THE outfit that suited her desires, which pushed her to create her own creations. After designing her first outfit reflecting her style and values, she decided to share her passion for fashion through Esmée The Label.

Why "Esmée"

The choice of the name “Esmée” for her brand was not trivial. First the first name of his beloved niece, it evokes the idea that every woman deserves to be cherished and esteemed, since "Esme" means "esteemed" and "loved".

At Esmée, each creation is carefully thought out to offer timeless style and unparalleled comfort. Its mission is to allow every woman to feel beautiful, confident and fulfilled.


At Esmée, we favor transparency , simplicity and sustainability .

We value our products at their fair value, recognizing the meticulous work of our artisans as well as the exceptional quality of our creations. We strive to be as transparent as possible to our customers by reflecting this in our prices.

Our creations are simple pieces that subtly embrace feminine curves, offering fluid cuts and light materials that highlight femininity while ensuring a feeling of well-being. At Esmée, simplicity is synonymous with elegance.

We attach great importance to the quality of the selected fabrics, guaranteeing softness, freedom of movement and durability. Each creation is designed to defy fleeting trends and suit all lifestyles.

Behind The Label

Handmade in Bali, Indonesia, Esmée's creations are the result of authentic and careful craftsmanship.

At Esmée, each creation is the result of a careful selection of quality fabrics. Linen, appreciated for its strength and lightness, is a preferred choice for summer clothing, providing natural freshness while preserving the shape of clothes.

Waffle cotton, with its "honeycomb" pattern, is soft, supple and light, ideal for summer clothing. It brings volume to our creations while guaranteeing absolute comfort.

The soft texture and robustness of linen or cotton gauze make it an exceptional fabric. Combining the qualities of linen and/or cotton, it retains its natural elegance whilst ensuring a superior feel and durability. At Esmée, every detail is carefully taken into account to create timeless and refined pieces.